Son of Raymond and Karen Mosher, I was born 2nd of 4 children. Older brother Michael Mosher and 2 younger sisters, Kristine Hayes and Deanna Wine. Raised in beautiful Denver Colorado spending so much of my youth in the mountains. It seemed like almost every weekend the entire family jumped into the station wagon and off to the hills we went. Most times it was just a family drive somewhere but other times it was a weekend fishing and camping. My father was a miner and he had a passion for the mountains and trying to find someplace “undiscovered” in the Colorado Rockies. I can still hear my mother telling my father that a station wagon full of kids was not meant for “off roading”! Some of my best memories were spent in the Colorado mountains whether with my family or with my friends, skiing, fishing and hiking. I’ve lived in Colorado most of my life and still have yet to discover everything there is to do here which is why I understand my father always wanting to get lost in the hills! Whenever Crystal visits Colorado we always head straight to the hills. I know that she understands my love for hiking Colorado, she and I have climbed 6 “14er’s” together. On her first climb, she conquered 4 14er’s in 9 hours and then 2 more the following year.

After high school I joined the Army and while in the military I served as an MP (Military Police). The old Army commercial was “Join the Army and see the world” but I only got to see Ft. Hood Texas! Spent my entire military career in one place (yuck!). Upon leaving the military I moved to Gainesville, Florida, where I graduated from the police academy. While living in Florida I was employed by the Florida State Highway Patrol where I served as a prison guard at a Florida State Penitentiary. What a joy that was. Interestingly, while there I often played cards with Ted Bundy, the notorious serial killer. I am currently a Realtor and have been in the Real Estate industry for more than 25 years either as a Realtor, a mortgage Loan Officer or as an on-site Builder Sales agent.

I have a passion travel, I’m a cruise junkie which is how I met Crystal. We met on her first cruise and we have been on multiple cruises together over the past 3 years. I also love to take drives especially in the Colorado mountains. I enjoy working out and cooking. I have been doing “CrossFit” for almost 4 years and have recently added kick boxing to my daily workouts.

While spending time preparing this website, reviewing all of the photos of Crystal and I it brought a smile to my face just knowing how much in love I am with her. We have had many great times together laughing, traveling and exploring. Yet, we still can’t get enough of each other. Of all of the things I have held in my hands, Crystal is the most precious! I am very excited to have Crystal as my wife and I look forward to spending the rest of our lives together.